10 Best WordPress Themes 2020

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10 Best WordPress Themes 2020: If you search the internet for the most widely used Content Management Systems, then the answer will be WordPress! Yes! If you believe it or not, today nearly one-third of all the websites present on the internet are designed and developed with WordPress! The reason behind it is WordPress’ open source structure, and low cost. WordPress is used by everyone from a big organization to a home blogger for managing their content.

You must have been wondering how is it possible that one is managing the contents that stand out. And which is that one thing which catches everybody’s eye towards ones’ website? It is simple: a theme! 10 Best WordPress Themes 2020 can help you to take your content to the next level and also helps you to get noticed. You must want to know where one should get such best themes? You can get them online.

With the help of themes, you can design your website as per your customer’s requirements as the theme that you have chosen for your website will be the first impression which they will get. It will prompt them to the websites’ atmosphere even before they try to review your content.

All the basic things like page layout, content display options etc. which are required for your website’s content will be provided by the WordPress themes. They will also look after your cover design, colors, fonts, and style etc. A 10 Best WordPress Themes 2020 which you are going to select for your website should be tailored to fit your needs like assume that you want to include video, photographs or any other media sources on your web page then the selected theme must be fit for all of these needs.

Another important feature offered by 10 Best WordPress Themes 2020 is that they allow a fast link to all your other media platforms. Linking to your other media platforms is important because your website can only reach to as many people as see it. So while developing your website you will want your visitors to access your LinkedIn profile or Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook etc. because all of this matters the most.

Thus we can say that the theme is the actual representation of all your work visually so it is important to choose the right theme for your website contents. Now that there are tens of thousands of themes available, how are you going to be sure that you will find the best choice for your website?

Don’t worry! We will help you with this. In today’s blog, we are going to provide you the list of best WordPress themes, which we think will definitely help you in selecting the best theme for you. So let’s start!!!

1. Divi

You must have experienced many times that when you were trying to set a particular widget at a proper position, but every time you tried, it must have distorted to something else! If you are only a content creator and not a programmer, then you must know what you want your website to look like.

Here the Divi theme comes into the picture. Using this theme you can design, change and modify your WordPress Web page in real time. If required you can modify the visuals from the viewport also. At the same time, you will be able to view the changes as you make them. It ultimately reduces the trial and error.

You can customize everything like fonts, colors, size, shape, titles etc using this real-time responsive theme. These themes also support drag and drop method so that you can make a change, check what it looks like if you change your mind or you can move on to the next tweak, without waiting for the reload and refresh. Thus Divi is an awesome theme for your creative ideas.

2. Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper WordPress theme is a modern theme which possesses a fully responsive framework which adjusts smoothly on any type of devices with any screen sizes. You can use it for an eCommerce website. It can be set up and customized easily. It offers first-class features and various customization options that will help your website to grab the visitors’ attention.

This theme provides a pre-built page layout with the help of which you can create an engrossing website for your business. For displaying your logo, various special offers, products, and services it provides multiple headers and full-screen slider.

With the help of Slider Revolution, you can create a stunning slide show. It also offers a drag and drop facility using which you can arrange the modules as per your need. You can also add advanced theme elements in it without any trouble.

As it is a fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin, many entrepreneurs love it. You can easily reach out to your target audience with the help of this theme because it has strong social media integration. If you are selling gadgets or accessories, clothing items or digital downloads to external products then you must include this theme.

3. Neve

If you want to give a fresh and breathtaking look to your website then Neve WordPress theme is the best choice. Every entrepreneur uses this theme because its design is all-purpose. The most important thing about Neve is that it provides a continuous even surface for scrolling as well as brilliant animations which gives your blog or website a special feeling.

It offers various features like responsive design, pricing tables, multiple demos, one-page layout, lightweight, SEO friendly etc.

4. The Essence

It is acclaimed as “feminine WordPress theme”. It is not just a girly looking theme but also a pleasing and well-designed theme regardless of the gender coherence. It gives a magazine like a feel where all the puts in your posts right up front and also helps the reader to pick and choose what they want to read without having to go through all the other stuff which they want to ignore. During this, some of your other posts may catch their attention and can make them go back.

If your blogs are constant with updates then the slider option with photograph will help you in showing the strong headlines, bylines and date published. The Essence theme also keeps all your hundreds of posts organized so that they are easily accessible to the reader.

This theme is best for those bloggers who desire to keep their magazine fresh.

5. Writer

If you are looking for a best personal blog theme for writers then “Writer” theme is the best option, you could have guessed its importance from its name. Using this theme you can create a strong focus on the story and the article. Your blog will get a professional feel at the same time it will retain the personal aspects of blogging.

You can install this theme with a simple 1-click installation and can start your writing back again. Thus it is not required to spend the time worrying about the theme.

For grabbing your readers’ attention, this theme will help you by providing contents with the right blow which it needs and also the magnetic contrasts. It will also provide a seamless flow to your website through which the readers will be able to explore your website flawlessly and can read your content.

Whatever you are trying to write, the Writer theme will allow you to express your content in a bolder format which will help the readers to understand easily.

6. Orfeo

If you are looking for an easy to customize as well as a flexible theme for your small business then Orfeo is a good option. It offers multipurpose design, one-page modern interface along with colorful content boxes. It suits everything like a small business, a startup, or an e-commerce website.

Various features offered by this theme are WooCommerce ready, compatibility with the most popular page builders etc.

7. Movedo

It is a proficient, versatile and responsive multipurpose WordPress theme with a clean and crisp feature helpful for creating a beautiful website immediately. With the help of this theme, you can create a dynamic website without any coding experience. It provides a fascinating Parallax background which increases the interest of your audience and makes them feel connected to the website content.

The video backgrounds offered by Parallax are mind-blowing and it can make your website noteworthy and famous. Because of these features, Movedo is a famous platform for bloggers and business websites. Parallax technology provides fast loading as well as moving columns for magazines. Due to these moving elements and modules, the portfolios look great, and you will always make the right impression.

8. CheerUp

Whenever you find a blog with a cheerful front page consisting of lots of photos and various options to click on, then it is certainly the CheerUp theme, which is an excellent option for the bloggers who are looking for building up their brand.

As there are many blogs on the internet, the blog which stands out from the rest of the blogs is most famous, so CheerUp theme draws attention and as well as keeps the focus on your brand. With the help of bustling photos and descriptions, here is a theme that really brings your ideas to life.

It offers more than 200layouts and five featured slider options, with the help of which you can create your website which will reflect the exact image that you want your readers to see 10 Best WordPress Themes 2020.

Using this theme the blogger’s identity becomes modern and genuine, thus making it one of the WordPress’ great themes for blogging.

9. Vlog

Vlog theme is a great option to get started with video blogging. This theme will provide a brand new facelift to your website. This theme is dedicated only to showcasing your video blogs. It makes it easy to embed any video in your post from anywhere using automatic video importer from YouTube and Vimeo.

You can design your website with more than 200layout and post options with the help of Vlog theme. The visitors who are visiting your website and watching your content gets a smoother experience. If your visitors want they can mark videos for later or even pop out the video and can watch it in cinema mode. This Vlog is a great theme for starting with video blogging.

10. SEO WP

This theme offers high-class designs which are built such that, it will help you increase your rankings higher in the search engines through SEO. It uses backend coding optimization which gives momentum to the theme and makes it far more efficient and also ensures that the traffic is moving.

The layouts offered by this theme are professional and you can also turn any of your online marketing or social media accounts into excellent websites. It requires clicking a few buttons in the custom design manager and it will convert your content into an executive presentation which you can use for any boardroom or business venture.

This theme receives regular updates, readily available customer support, all of which helps in keeping this theme up to date and ensures that your website keeps performing at its best. If you want to take your blogging ideas to a greater height then you should have an SEO WP theme.

Conclusion: 10 Best WordPress Themes 2020

10 Best WordPress Themes 2020: WordPress offers countless themes for you to display your content properly on your website but selecting the right theme depends upon who you are, what are your requirements, what content you are focusing on and how you want your content presented to your viewer.

Here we have tried to cover a wide range of themes like SEO WP, Neve, and Divi, Movedo which are highly powerful and at the same time also perfect for those bloggers who want to adapt their pages for high visibility designs. Other themes like Writer, Typology etc. are more focused on content and less visually striking.

Your theme needs will be dominated by your tastes, personality and the content itself. I hope we have covered a wide range of list here, and may you will find the theme that best suits your website. If you are looking for the best WordPress Hosting I would suggest you go for Hostripples. Hostripples provide WordPress hosting plans from Rs.65/m with 30 days money back guarantee and 99.99% Uptime.

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