Anydesk: is it Secure to Use? Know the Reasons

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title : Anydesk: is it Secure to Use? Know the Reasons

AnyDesk is a Remote desktop software for using home or office long distance support. This software is available on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, FreeBSD, iOS for supporting cross-platform issues and more. There is lots of features make this software great for work and its very low size help to easily download and install in minutes…

AnyDesk Starting Screen

AnyDesk Feature

  • Performance
    • High frame latency
    • Low Rates
    • High Tech
    • Good Bandwidth
    • Quick Setup
    • Real-time Access
    • network Connection
    • Data Incentive
  • Security
    • Encryption Technology
    • Verified Connection
    • Easy Restrictions
    • Use Own Network ( This feature only Available on Enterprise Version )
  • Flexibility
    • Work from Anywhere
    • Cross-platform Support
    • Lightweight
    • Capability
    • International
    • file transfer
  • Administration
    • Contacts
    • Reporting
    • panel
    • Customization
    • Roll out
    • Auto Robots
  • License
    • Free version
    • Life Time free use
    • Multi seats
    • up to date
    • Power users

Software Costing & Packs

This is Generally a free Open Source Software that’s why this software every day download is more than 100K.

This is software available in three Different type of Packs  those are listed Below:

  1. Lite ( This pack basically for Commercial use  Home use with one or two user seats ).
  2. Professional ( This pack also for commercial use but its has unlimited seats with Address book, Allies features ).
  3.  Enterprise ( this pack is the father of all pack in this pack you get all the features available in this software with unlimited Access like users, Seats, Allies, Address-book, session etc and lots of options ).


  1.  AnyDesk ( Main Website): Click
  2. AnyDesk ( Russian Version): Click


  1. Remote administration
  2. Web conferencing
  3. Remote desktop software
secunity of anydesk
secunity of anydesk

Security Issue’s

AnyDesk is really Great and uses full software but every software has a dark side only a few people know about this issue and other play with this issues.

  • AnyDesk secretly capture your website log
  • AnyDesk can Secretly Transfer Audio from the 2nd user ( Ex. if you share your AnyDesk code to other that’s mean the current virtual user of your pc/laptop/mobile audio can be transferable if your device microphone is turned on ). ( User Experienced Issue  )
  • AnyDesk keyboard problems that come up with Right Shift Conjunction.
  • But the Major problem with Single time Setup (it’s not installed AnyDesk completely or successfully, Its just install temporally on your Device, After your use of this software when you exit the software the install is deleted completely, So that time the software what is stall from your device its impossible to detect.
Issue Solve
Issue Solve

Issue’s Solved

Now I give you the All solution Except the Sound Transfer Issues ( YOU NEED TO COMMENT TO THE SOLVING TRICK, Don’t WAIT for COMMENT NOW . )

  1. Weblog (Solution: Clean Chrome web browser Cookies to solve this issue).
  2. Keyboard ( In the new Version of Anydesk 3.2.2 this problem has been solved ).
  3. Setup ( Please make sure that You install the software properly, Install software and the reset Device and find the software and run the software ).
  4. Sound Issue ( Any our Website you got the solution to this problem, So please Comment Down below, Its help Both of us).

New Version Update

  1. Allies could not appear when ‘ @ad ‘ was not appended.
  2. Securing the ID ( Dare to lose the ID & also keep it in very Secure Space  ).


uninstall process is different based on the OS of the Device. So it’s upon You why uninstall it…

💥Quick Tips💥

Comments on this post to know the Sound Issue Solving Tricks its Can Save you from YOUR DARING BOSS when you boss using Anydesk for your PC.

Its also help us to grow in the world of the internet …..

Thank You Readers…  we are only For you. we need your Support …..

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