Best apps to earn money online

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Apps Earn Money: Every day thousands of people search the web for how to earn money online or best apps to earn money and the searching trend is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to earn some extra while just doing nothing as well as spare times between works. We are here to show you the best android money making apps that can give you some extra cash. Find the best suitable app for you or just try some all of them. One thing to remind that all apps don’t work in every country, so, read the terms and conditions of each app before trying out. We will update the list whenever there will be a good app available that offers online money. So, here is the list of best android apps to earn money.

Best apps to earn money

Nowadays everybody uses a smartphone and it’s obvious that frequently we install new apps and try. So why don’t we do the same and earn money from apps? These listed apps give real money just for installing apps. Download, install and try – as simple as that.

Feature Points

FeaturePoints is definitely one of the best android apps to earn money. We really love the app because it’s so easy to make real money from this app. It pays you to download apps which probably everybody does frequently. Feature points directly send to you money to your PayPal account.

How to earn money using FeaturePoints

  • Download the app from here.
  • Various tasks are there to complete.
  • Download and install apps. Try them out for few minutes. Get reward points.
    • Complete surveys to earn points.
    • Earn cash back while shopping through online stores like Walmart, Nordstrom, Best Buy etc.
  • Cash out when you have enough points.

You can use the money for online shopping or transfer to your bank account. Feature points not only have one option to cash out. You can use it as gift cards, for in-app purchases or even Google Play Store purchases, so, there is pretty much every option available to get your payment from this money making app. The best thing is when you cash out, you don’t have to wait for long, they usually give payments within a few hours.

Swag bucks

Swag-bucks is one of the best easy money making app available on the market. They already paid over $550 million to the users worldwide. If you want some extra income by using your spare time, then definitely give this app a try.

How to get paid by Swagbucks

  • First, download the app to get $3 sign up bonus.
  • Complete available tasks.
  • Here is a list what you can do –
    • Answer surveys
    • Watch fun videos to earn money
    • Get cash back for shopping from well-known e-commerce websites.
    • Explore exciting new deals.
    • Search the web for money.
    • Earn money by playing games.

Join the 15 million users around the globe and start filling your pocket with some extra cash. You can use this app even from your computer. Join the  referral program to earn even more. You can get Amazon, Walmart gift cards or direct cash back in your PayPal account.

Cash Pirate

It is another best android app to earn money online. It is available to both Google play store and apple store free of cost. Cash Pirate has 4.5 stars rating on play store. 

How to get money from Cash Pirate

  • Download the app from play store.
  • Do offered tasks to earn points. Here is a list what things you can do –
    • The easiest option is to download apps.
    • Play free games.
    • Complete surveys regularly.
    • Try free products.
    • Watch Videos and earn money.
    • Invite friends and get 10% referral bonus.

They pay you via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. 2500 points are required to get payments. They also have a referral program. You can earn online easily by spending some spare times on this app.

App Nana

App Nana – the name is quite interesting huh? Whatever the name means doesn’t matter because it pays for trying new apps and also for viewing ads and playing games. They already gave over $10 million to the users.
Collect ‘Nana‘ points and convert into free money. You can redeem your money via paid email transfer or use them as gift cards credit. Usually, you will receive your reward within 48 hours or claim. Download link is here.

Best apps to earn money by watching ads

Thousands of advertisers pay big companies every day to run their ads on the internet. What do you think – a little share from the advertisers would not be great? You can get money by watching ads. Here are the best apps available online –


What you have on your Smartphone’s lock screen? Is a family picture or photo of yours or whatever it is – I bet that does not give you money either.
Well, its time to make some extra bucks without doing anything extra that you don’t in your daily life. You heard it right, Slidejoy will pay you online by doing nothing.

All you have to do is download the app. Don’t worry it’s free. They will put ads on your lock screen. You don’t have to click on ads to get paid. Just slide the ad to clear the ad and unlock your phone. So just get the app and make useful the most useless part of your Smartphone and earn money online passively.

Money App – Cash for Free Apps

This is the best app to earn money in India. You can make money fast from this app with various tasks are there to be completed. Watch videos, play free games, give opinions, participate in surveys, try free services and many more things are available to do and get your reward. Dev teams update the tasks daily so there are even more opportunities to make money.

There are no limitations or complicated missions to earn from this app. Open the app in your spare time and make some extra bucks. Make sure to check their T&C before using this app. Earn via Paypal money transfer. Within 73 hours you will get your credits. Here is the 4.8 stars Android app download link.

Best survey apps to earn money

There is no easy way than doing a little survey in free time and earn some extra money. Here are some best apps that offer the highest paid surveys.

Surveys on the Go

Do surveys to earn money. This is the best available survey app to earn free money. Unlike other survey sites, it offers you an android app to complete surveys anywhere you want. Download now.
Going to work or standing in a long queue or just waiting for someone, you can complete a survey and make some extra income. There are many surveys available in this app. Surveys on the Go is best because they pay you direct cash instead of any kind of gift cards.

Inbox Dollars

Another good app to earn money online is Inbox Dollars. There are several ways to complete tasks and earn money. Unlike other apps, this pays you directly in cash, no need to collect points or some kind of in-app scores.

Answer surveys, play games, watch a video or try free offers etc to gain some real cash. You can earn money by reading emails. Yes, they send you paid emails, just open the emails and you get paid. You will get $5 as a bonus amount just for signup. But, there is one setback for this app, its only pay to US and Canadian citizens for now. Make sure to contact them if you are from other countries.

Pinecone Research

One of the highest paid survey app available on the internet. They don’t offer huge survey requests as the other survey sites do. You can get up to $3 cash reward per survey. Earn $10-$15 a week by just completing a few 10min surveys.

You can also review unreleased products on this app. Get your money transferred within 3-5 days after claiming cash out option. The most promising reward is the $500 sweepstakes and there is also a quarterly prize draw worth over $4000. Check more info here.

Panel App

Surveys can pay good money when you choose the best. Panel app is available both for Android and iOS. They offer location-based surveys. That means this app will work with the shared location of yours.

When you walk into some stores, restaurants etc the surveys will appear. Answer those surveys and redeem points later to get excellent prizes. Paypal gift cards available on this app. Earn also by referring to friends and family. If you want you can get gift cards for Amazon, Google, Starbucks etc If you are lucky there is a chance to win Xbox One or a PS4 just for answering a survey.

Quick Thoughts

Earn rewards by answering surveys on this app. Quick Thoughts offer Amazon gift cards just for completing simple surveys that only takes few minutes.

Paid surveys give up to $3 reward. There are dozens of surveys available. So don’t be afraid that you will not qualify. Download the app and give opinions, no matter where you go.

Cash Reward

This app offers various tasks other than short, surveys and polls. You can earn money by surfing the web, watching ads, and playing games. Downloading apps is another option to earn money.

It’s easy and much time efficient. You can cash out through PayPal Payza or take Amazon gift cards. Their minimum payout is $1. Download the app from here.

Money making apps by google

There is no better option than trusting the biggest search engine to earn  money online easily. Google has offered some apps to get cash rewards. Here is a list –

Google Opinion Rewards

Looking for a money-making Android app from a trusted brand? Here it is Google opinion rewards is one the best android apps to earn free money. It will give you real cash for completing surveys. You can spend your cash through play store You can buy or use it for in-app purchases. I personally bought Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile from the free cash earned from Google Opinion Rewards.
Download the app from play store and complete a free survey to get participate. You will get a notification when new surveys arrive. Just answer them and earn money.

Google Pay (TEZ)

Day by day online money transaction are increasing and people love to do it. When we pay for something directly from our online bank account or any kind of online wallet, we always look for some cash back rewards. Google Pay (Initial name was TEZ) is best app to get such cash back.

Pay your monthly bills or pay for your online shopping there will be a cash reward for you. The most interesting thing is you can earn money by transferring money. Send some cash to your friends account and both of you will get a scratch card worth up to Rs 1000. Every referral joining will give you Rs 51 and so on. There are many different offers that you can avail and enjoy some free cash.

Best apps to get cash back for shopping

Surprised by the title? But it’s true you can earn money while buying your everyday groceries or shopping from e-commerce websites. These apps will give you a cash back just for online shopping.


This is one of the best android apps to earn money online by showing your shopping receipt. It is the best way to get some cash back for your everyday purchase. Receive reward amount directly into PayPal account.

How to earn money from Ibotta

  • Download the app from play store.
  • Search for cash back rebates before going for shopping. You can buy from shopping malls to resturents wherever you want.
  • After your shopping just makes a photocopy of your shopping receipt and send it to Ibotta.
  • Redeem your reward via PayPal or your choice of gift coupons.

Most of the retailers are available on Ibotta including eBay, Safeway, Uber, CVS, Wal-Mart,, Minibar and many more. Using this app you can earn cash before buying and also after shopping. That’s something cool to try!


If you are a frequent online shopper then Ebates is the best to give you cash back for your shopping. Ebates is basically linked with thousands of e-commerce sites online and when you shop from the websites through Ebates you will get cash back.

How to get cash back using Ebates

  • Download the app first.
  • Get $20 bonus cash back just for signing up.
  • Explore shopping deals from 2500+ stores around.
  • Earn cash back when you buy something from the store.
  • You can get up to 40% cash back from this app. Get your reward via PayPal or check.

Major stores are included in their listed stores. There is also a chrome extension available if you want to connect this site from the computer. When you install the extension and search the web for a product you will see an extra cash back percentage with “E” logo beside the websites link.

Receipt Hog

As the name suggests – get cash back just for showing your purchase receipts. It’s fun using this app. You can literally watch you hog growing with more and more money receipts. They have already paid over 2.5 million dollars.

How to use Receipt Hog for cash back

  • Download the app from play store or app store and join the community.
  • Take pictures of receipts from any restaurants or cafes you visit
  • Earn rewards as virtual coin and spin at the virtual slot machine to get exciting prizes. They even have sweepstakes prize just like the Pinecone Research Survey App.
  • Get PayPal money or use as Amazon gift cards.

Checkout 51

Here is another app that pays you cash back over showing grocery receipts. This highly rated app supports major stores like Walmart, CVS, Target etc. Get instant cash back using coupons that update weekly.

How to use Checkout 51

  • Download the app. Android | iOS
  • Check available offers from the app. This updates every Thursday.
  • Buy products from the listed store.
  • Grab your smartphone and take a picture of your receipt.
  • Upload the photo and earn money back from the app.

You can even search for items you need to see deals and save money. Get everyday cash back on regular household items. As the offers show based on location and country, make sure to check that first with the app.

Earn money from apps by taking photos


You can get money by selling photos from this app. Get a commission each time your photo is sold. There is no restrictions, you can sell a picture multiple times to multiple users. This is basically a gateway to earn money without investment.

How to earn money using Clashot

  • Download the app from Google play store or app store.
  • Register & Build a profile.
  • Upload your photos.
  • Set the price and relax. The photos of yours automatically spread in front of the millions of users who are really looking for them and ready to pay for it.
  • Make money whenever sales occur.

You can get people followed you or you can follow them in this app. If someone makes you an offer you will get a notification or just open the app head over to the offers tab. You can get a detailed report on earnings from the profile.


4.3 stars rated photo selling an app in the Google Play Store which can give you extra money fast and easily. Earn money from apps in India by joining over 20 million users around the world through this app. So many ways to get noticed in EyeEm. There are even exhibitions, awards to the real buyers to ensure that the creators get the right exposures.

How to make money online with EyeEm

  • Download here for Android and Apple devices.
  • Make a profile, it’s more of an Instagram type.
  • Upload your best photos and filter with inbuilt app photo editor if needed.
  • Showcase your photos and sell them. They made a partnership with Getty Images which one of the biggest stock photo supplier.
  • You can make $10 just for one photo from your smartphone. Try the app right now!

Job Spotter

Earn easy money from the app in India when exploring your neighbourhood. This app is partnered with the famous Job site Indeed. You can get paid by taking a picture of the vacancy sign of the businesses. Submit enough photos to meet the redeem quota.

How this works?

  • Install the app. Android | iOS
  • Explore neighbourhood for hiring signs.
  • Take a picture of the hiring sign and the storefront.
  • Collect points whenever a submission approved
  • Claim your rewards as Amazon gift cards.

You can literally earn money from this app by walking around your neighbourhood. So, give it a try!


If you love to take pictures, then it’s the best app you should have on your smartphone. This is one of the best apps to earn money by selling photos. Easy signup process and the rest is taken care by Foap. In this app, you can see what photos have been sold recently which is great to measure the right time for the right photos. The interesting thing is you can upload unlimited photos.

How to use Foap to earn money

  • Download the app for Android or ios.
  • Create your own portfolio to showcase your talent.
  • Sell photos through Foap market which has millions of interested buyers.
  • Get $5 every time a photo has been downloaded. Withdraw your money by PayPal integration.


It’s your daily used Smartphone which can give your bank account a buff. No matter what you do, you can earn easily using these apps. It is the best way to get paid while watching videos or even playing games. Give it a try!
If there are any other apps you are using and getting a good result, comment down below and we will look into it.

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