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Best Free 6 Blogger Outreach Tools?

Blogger Outreach Tools: What does it mean to work in the world of influencer marketing? And of the diffusion of the contents? You must take advantage of the outreach blogger activities.

Taking advantage of the best blogger outreach tools is a must for those involved in this sector. Wait, do you know what we’re talking about? This term means the work of analysis and contact to intercept bloggers to be included in a project necessary for your web marketing strategy.

This step can be decisive for achieving your goals. For example, it can be an essential step for guest blogging or to get quality links after working hard with content marketing. When you have published your free eBook, for example, you have to advertise it.

How do you do? Who do you turn to? Look for projects that might be interested in your product. So contact them and try to get the best possible result. Blogger outreach tools help you do just that: find the right people to insert into an Excel file that will then be contacted. What are the essential services? Here is the list to be included in the favorites and use, every day, to complete your lists.

1. Buzzsumo

This name is one of the best blogger outreach tools to identify the right people to contact, after the right analysis, for your content and influencer marketing projects. I’ll tell you right away: it’s a paid solution and with the free version you can do very little. But this point is justified by a clear passage: it is an essential reality if you want to work professionally.

Buzzsumo allows you to find the most shared content and influencers that revolve around a given topic. But this is only the synthesis, the tip of the iceberg: in reality, with Buzzsumo you can get great results regarding analysis and web scanning to intercept the decisive contacts.

One of the most interesting aspects: the possibility to filter the results based on a series of parameters. For example, you can search only between bloggers and influencers, or you can select companies and journalists.

Without forgetting the ordinary people who are micro-influencers, so essential to reaching the niches that they trust and follow unpopular people. But competent to address specific issues.

2. Ninjaoutreach

One of the most performing and complete platforms for those working in the professional universe of the outreach blogger. That is the timely and continuous search for new names to be included in the strategies.

This tool, for example, is perfect for finding influencers on Instagram and you know that this is one of the most important points when you decide to work with online promotion of new products. Or maybe on the launch of a new service, a special offer. The same is true for Twitter and link building work.

You cannot work blindly when looking for useful contacts to which to propose your activities to get hyperlinks. So, how to proceed? Find the leads to which to propose your idea, use a pre-established template to write to the people you are interested in, schedule the various emails and record the results.

3. Followerwonk

A real reference point to find out everything you need compared to the analysis of Twitter profiles. With this blogger outreach tool, you can discover the accounts that are closest to a given topic, those that have the most followers, but above all the names that work best with engagement.

So you can understand which potential bloggers to contact that best stand out regarding online discussions. Because it is easy to base one’s analysis only with the enumeration of the followers.

But are they people who interact with this name? We need an in-depth analysis and Followerwonk is the right name to remember for those looking for answers in Twitter posts.

The free version offers different activities at no cost, but if you want the most out of this tool you have to – rightly – point towards the paid solution. On the other hand, this is the right solution for those who deal with influencers marketing and analysis of bloggers for their online activities every day.

4. Traackr

Another historical tool to work on managing relationships with influencers. In reality, this really gives you the opportunity to identify what you need by filtering by genre and social channels. At this point, after having obtained the desired result, you can manage the various activities by organizing the various interventions according to the needs and objectives established a priori.

5. SEMRush

A great solution to achieve the results you seek among traditional bloggers, those who have an online diary and publish content that is positioned on Google. But not only that, the sector is very wide.

Thanks to this tool you can meet the needs from different points of view. You can search for the keywords that interest you and find out which sites and blogs are positioned. Or you can add a URL and find out if it behaves well in the SERPs, for which queries and in which areas.

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One of the most important points, besides the comparison between different URLs to create a real specular report, concerns the possibility of understanding what the historical evolution of a domain is. In this way, before starting a collaboration, I can understand if there are prospects for profit or not.

If you notice a decline in the keywords placed – with relative graph of potential downhill visits – you should think carefully about the possible guest blogging activity. Maybe it’s not that convenient for you. Attention, Semrush is perfect for international jobs and if you focus only on Italy you can use Seozoom.

6. Talkwalker

This tool is decisive for brand monitoring: it returns precise results compared to contacts that mention your name. You can use this reality to find out just the potential contacts to intercept after they have shown interest in you. Do you want a concrete example on how to use it all?

You are monitoring your brand to work on customer care and to respond to those looking for a solution on social networks. In the meantime, intercept people who mention you because they are particularly satisfied with your work. What are you doing? Contact these people, after an adequate analysis, to find out possible solutions.

All this to identify influencers to be included in your strategy. Obviously, even in this case, you can use alternative tools or perform similar functions like the excellent Mention.

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