Chrome extensions for SEO in 2020-2021

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Hi everyone, how are you? have a nice day and once second welcome back to your first choice new generation tech blog ” NextGenFact ” TODAY i going to read about Chrome extensions for SEO

Chrome extensions for SEO

Today’s this blog Especially on Indias New Marketing Trend “digital marketing ” ” SEO“. Being 2 years of Digital Marketer we are now fully satisfied with those  Top 5 Chrome extension. So let’s start now about those extensions.

Chrome extensions for SEO
Google lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is an user-friendly, open source, lightweight No. 1 Chrome extension for SEO, Web page checking, error finder with more than 268988 users ( and counting ) with 4.51 rating with in 1 month. Google lighthouse to big to write in points so we are updating a post only on Google Lighthouse [ update in less than 3 days ]


After the Google Lighthouse, SEOquake is my second choice for SEO . its also free tool available on internet  Its show all details of a visited website without scrolling anything and in the google search page the SEOquake show the details but you can change the position on the search page from the SEOquake settings. Using this tools you can show the website internal link , external link, errors,reports, keyword density. This tool is support all the search engine and all the browser . Download : 467917 | Rating : 4.55

keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool
keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

in my list the 3rd number is keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool, With this chrome extension you can get the approx search value like google keyword planner, alexa, ahrefs etc.its also show you the CPC rate of the words with the search volume, Also work on Bing, Youtube, Amazon, eBay. get the competition levels of the keyword …   You can also save the data as PDF, excel etc format. Download : 331595 |  Rating : 4.68

  • Link Research SEO Toolbar : Chrome extensions for SEO

     [ Download link
Link Research SEO Toolbar
Link Research SEO Toolbar

in the 4th number, I prefer Link Research SEO Toolbar to customize my search result in Google, Bing, Yandex etc. After enabling the SEO toolbar you can get the advance look of every website page … By this Google Chrome extension, you can find the total number of Backlinks on the website or in the search result, get the total number of keywords, Get the MOZrank, Social media sharing amount, Link velocity of the website, Lrt for domains, LRT for pages. You can also check the recent time growth of your website.  By this tool, you can check the competitors backlink amount, LRT, keywords amount, recent growth perfectly. Download : 10909 | Rating : 4.58 .

  • META SEO inspector : Chrome extensions for SEO

     [ Download link ]
META SEO inspector
META SEO inspector

At least the power of warnings to make your website good to best. This tool 100% help you to find the errors in your domains, off-page, on-page. This tool show the website meta tags, Meta description, title, icon format, canonical attribute, No-follow links, Do follow links, alternative image tag, Link length, Title length, Description length and lots of hidden details those you can’t see normally. when you know the Errors then you can make it better . Downloads: 104645 | Rating: 4.4.

Disclaimer : 

The Numbers which is used in this post those are not statics, Those can change any time. the number was the same at 7:31 pm, 18-08-18 .

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