Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Our digital marketing strategy is flexible and collaborative. We are offering services as a Digital Marketing Consultant over the years. Your products and services should be easily accessible to achieve this we will help you build a strategy which meets your customers at the ideal place. We are specialized in building brand awareness so that the customers consider purchasing them. 

For this, you need a reliable partner that helps you to find easily and creating experiences for call-to-action. We work as the partners to understand your B2B and B2C needs. 

Our consultants are confident about our services and deliver the best possible results. By keeping your business goals in our mind, we will support you to expand your business online. 

Digital Marketing Consultancy - THEabhikmaitra

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Our best strategies for marketing are:

  1. Reputation building: We take immediate action when we come across any negative content of your website. Our quick action will monitor and report about any adverse reviews and feedbacks of your product. 
  1. SEO: Use of our ethical strategies, will rank your website on the Search engine results page. We take care of your website performance, user performance, security and any recommendations. 
  1. SMO: Generating publicity to develop product awareness and creating social media events are reliable digital marketing campaigns. We increase social media attention through retweeting, sharing and commenting on your posts. 
  1. Public relations: Our PR marketing team will build relationships with channel outlets and increase your visibility in the market. Getting on blogs and radio is a sign of becoming an industry expert.
  1. Pay Per Click Marketing: Smart marketing easily finds the ads with the best ROI. It is an indirect way to get traffic. You only need to pay when your advertisements are getting clicked. It is a very effective and flexible strategy for marketing. The ads also appear when the user is searching for a piece of information through particular keywords. 
  1. Lead Generation: Set of marketing practices which will support you at every stage from generating traffic to transforming visitors to leads.

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Our specialized services:

  1. Content Marketing: Valuable content can be distributed and can reach an effective audience. We are proficient in designing landing pages, email newsletters, blog posts and white papers. The content is the backbone of SEO. It allows you to get noticed and inspires, educates the audience. It connects you with potential buyers to maximize the sale process and keep customer engagement throughout the journey. We make sure that each piece of content has a purpose. 
  1. Email Marketing: We send customer newsletters to make you stand on top. For a little investment in email marketing, you can make a lot of revenue. It is a cost-effective and trustworthy strategy to expand your business. It is the direct and quickest way to take critical information to the customers. 
  1. Social Media campaigns: Promoting your business through social marketing is the best way of increasing sales. This will improve the direct traffic, and rankings online. The e-marketing will ultimately result in an increase in sales. 
  2. Video Marketing: It is a newly designed medium to educate the audience about your brand. Creating an engaging video is likely to get rank on top of search results.
  3. Digital Advertising: Digital advertising allows us to teach our brand to target a more specific audience via socializing and showing ads. We make sure that businesses make the best investment return with optimization and social campaigns. 
  4. Website analytics: We have a data-driven procedure which will determine the events and facts and will inform about actions to drive more customers. The analyzed data will assist you in identifying successes and failures and planning for improvements. 
  5. Mobile Marketing: The marketers are well aware and know how to quickly communicate on this channel. This marketing platform is always available by our side. There are many ways for mobile marketing like SMS, MMS, mobile apps and mobile notifications. 
  6. Marketing automation: This platform connects all marketing platforms together. This is a time and money-saving technique. It grows the revenue at a much faster rate than other marketing methods. 
  7. Conversion Rate Optimization: Our consultants help you to design the website, make it usable. As these significant features play an important role to persuade the shoppers and buyers to purchase the products. We give your site to set a place in the market with our CRO services. 

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Our role as Digital Marketing Consultants

We are in charge of marketing through social media channels and bra awareness of the product. Our channels for promotion are search engine rankings, SMO, email, newsletter and display advertising.


We focus on key performance indicators to measure the website’s performance. 

With Digital Marketing, it is possible to know the exact number of visitors on your website. The digital analytics report data shows the right information about visitors. Our digital marketing consultants identify patterns and trends in purchasing the product. Our consultant team will assist you in taking the right decisions to attract the customers and prompt them to purchase your services.


The problem with traditional marketing is that it does not allow you to hold information about visitors and buyers on the website. You may have no idea how many people spent time on your websites to know about the services. But digital marketing, you can manage the contact details of the users visiting your website every day. 


Using the right tools and techniques, we have an effective digital marketing strategy which allows you to have an account of your sales. It is an attribution modelling technique which helps you to understand the way, audience research and buy the product. We help the customers to know which parts of your content needs more attention and which parts need improvement and refining. 


We are here to improve the customer’s journey, thereby making a positive influence on your business. We make sure that the website is pleasant and instructional. Our other responsibilities include overseeing clients and analyzing data to track and audit customer engagement. 

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Type of content we create for digital marketing

We create content by keeping in mind the personality of the audience. Our consultants understand the audience’s objective and the challenges they face when they opt for digital marketing for their business. In the end, the online content should be able to meet the intentions and conquer the challenges. 

  1. Videos: They are easily shareable and help your brand to get recognition by hosting on channels like YouTube.  Your brand gets easily searched by the new audience. 
  1. Blogs: Blog posts which are informative for users, attract a wide variety of the audience when done with strong SEO. 
  1. Research reports: It is best for lead generation. This piece of content is used by the press and media industry for recognition in the audience. 
  1. Ebooks: They are broader than blog posts and infographics and are suitable for lead generation. 
  1. Case studies: Writing described case studies for your website is effective to encourage users to make purchasing decisions for your products. 
  1. Testimonials: Writing testimonials for your website is the best alternative that seems an appropriate fit for your business and amuses your brand. If you have an e-commerce site for watches or shoes, then endorsing your brand with photos can contribute to your business. 

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