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Facebook new algorithms is set to come into effect and while we social media marketers are still scratching our head as to what it will mean for us, here are 5 things that we simply MUST NOT do on Facebook:

1. Comment baiting – Don’t create posts that make you look desperate! Your instinct may be right when you ask your users to comment “Yes” or “Love” or something vague like that, since Facebook will favor posts that garner engagement, EXCEPT for this sort of comment baiting.

2. Tag baiting – Similar to the last point, avoid making posts that tells users to tag their favorite friends. Yeah, a couple of your posts may get a lot of reach, but it will ultimately be picked by FB’s changed algorithm and your profile/page will be penalized.

3. Don’t overlook videos – The potential of video content marketing has been known to many of us for quite a while now, however, with Facebook’s latest algorithm announcement, videos now find a place of honor among all post types. And you will do no sin if you show a bit of partiality towards Live Videos, since they are expected to have 6 times more effectiveness than regular videos.

4. Don’t forget the power of A/B testing – Given that FB is giving such a massive tweak to its algorithm, it is better to use the best version of a post. The testing could be on the basis of minor language alterations or even something more fundamental like choosing between a slider post or a video one.

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5. Don’t forget to add sharable quality content – Your posts must not be a momentary wonder that amazes people for a fraction of a second, makes them click Like or maybe add a comment. You would need to make genuinely quality posts from here on that users can relate to and will therefore feel obliged to comment on and most crucially, share. The post should have content that has some lasting potential or else it won’t get shared. Think humor, think biting sarcasm, think something shocking without being too cheesy so as to be downvoted by Facebook. And oh, even just having your posts shared isn’t enough, Zuckerberg and company will even give extra points for shared content that has high engagement rate.

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