Google Site Kit: WordPress (wp) Plugin Download

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Google Site kit is a brand new WordPress plugin by Google. google not yet published this plugin for Public, In this Article we read all about this new plugin Google Site Kit.

How to Setup Google Site Kit in WordPress?

"Google Site Kit" WordPress Setup

You Can Setup your website with Google Site kit on WordPress(WP) in few minutes by those Steps .

  1. Authenticate
  2. Verify URL
  3. Connect Search Console
  4. Configure

Google Site Kit Features

  1. Search Console
  2. Analytics
  3. Adsense
  4. PageSpeed Insights
Google Site Kit wordpress dashboard
Google Site Kit wordpress dashboard

1. Search Console

By Search Console option you can get web site search queries,you can render your pages, Numbers of Impressions, URL verification, AMP checkout, Sitemap Submit etc  

2. Analytics

Analytics in Google Site kit helps you to track websites users activity, Page views, Goals, Conversion Rate etc.

3. Adsense

You can Trace or Check out your Website Earnings, Impressions, Clicks, And write good content to increase your Earnings.

4. PageSpeed Insights

Google Site kit is an excellent tool by Google and one of the feature “Pagespeed Insights”. By this option, You can Improve your website speed to compete with Real life speed.

“With Site Kit installed, WordPress users can access unified insights and Google product capabilities directly from the WordPress admin panel. Where it is helpful, Site Kit will also provide deep links into Google products for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities.”


“Google Site Kit” MileStone Feature

"Google Site Kit" MileStone Feature

This is a Great things to Motivate a Writer to write more content for their blog. Every single time “Google Site kit” by Showing the Numbers of post by a Milestone template, Like this Image. Because its hard to reach a Milestone.

Page Stats by Google Site Kit

"Google Site Kit" Page Stats Feature

You just have to visit a page after WordPress(wp) login and you get the all details about Pages, Impressions, Clicks, Unique Visitors, Average Time on this page etc. 

Google Site Kit News Update

What is Site Kit?

Site kit is wordpress plugin by Google. Its a Dream Plugin for WordPress Users.

What is Google Site kit?

Site kit Is Google’s Open Source WordPress(wp) Plugin. Google Site kit help you in wordpres(wp) to Get all the important destails like Adsense, AMP, Analytics, Search Console in single wordpress(wp) window.

When Site Kit Beta Version Launched?

in the first of 2019 this version launched for beta testers.

Whose for Site kit?

Site kit for those who are the Admin of WordPress(wp) site.

What are the benefit of Google Site kit?

Google site kit helps the WordPress(wp) admin to understand all google products result like Analytics, Adsense, Pagespeed insights, Search Console in Single place.

What is the Price of Google Site Kit?

Google Site kit is a Free open-source WordPress(wp) plugin, And its free for all time.

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