Image Search SEO : Advance

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image search SEO
image search SEO

Image Search SEO

the image search SEO is the upcoming trending search option for users. After 2-3 years there is no more keyword search, you can only do Voice Search ( that’s why you need Voice Search SEO )  and Image Search SEO. Today I know about All the details and the Importance of SEO on Image Search.

Who Needs SEO for Image Serch?

This actually needs everyone but Local Business, Brand, Products need to focus on this. Because Google is Now showing you the product with price, review and the required details. EX.  if I search for Buy Bag and those options appear. 

Google Image Search : Buy Bag
Google Image Search : Buy Bag

So it’s really helpful for those and they can actually generate led just by doing SEO on Image.

Why We need  SEO for Images?

Google Image Search by "10 Android Facts"
Google Image Search by “10 Android Facts”

In the above image, you can see I search for ” 10 android facts ” ( EX. Our another post on Android, Name: 10 android facts, Focus Keyword: 10 android facts, Featured image title, alt tag, description, caption, the original file name is ” 10 android facts” | Read this post Here: ” 10 Android facts ” ) and the first result is from our Image, And its also help your article to grow  up ranking in SERP. I also can gain visitors or Engagement from this image.

How to do Image Search SEO?

1. Good Quality Images

Using Good Quality Images increase your website UI level. Do not Use more the 2-3 Colors. 

2. Stock less Images

I see that 70% people using Stock images just for making their website UI great but its actually don’t help you for SEO. Because of the same image might be used by someone on his/her website.

3. Understandable Image

In websites, Images play a big role for 50% visitors to understand the page or article without reading a single line.

4. Copyright Free

Very very Impotent for Image Search SEO and Google image search SEO. Google doesn’t like someone using someone’s data so please beware of Copyright. You Might lose the Adsense or other Google products facility on your website.  

5. Using Tools

You can make images more Interesting or branded using Free online Photo editing Tools like Canva or you can use Photoshop.

6. Image File Format

Using a good file format like Jpeg, Png, Gif for the Browser support and easily downloadable the visitors.

7. Compress Images

Must Compress or Optimize your images without losing the Quality of the image. You can use Smush in wordpress to compress images or use online tools for Compress images 

8. Add Caption

Add a good caption to your images can easily understandable for the visitors also for the google its help google to show your image in related images page.

9. Name a Image

you have to give this point number one priority . This point has 50% seo section of image for 100% seo . So you have to very careful to choose a good image name ( I recommended you to use Your main Focus Keyword ).

10. ALT tag 

ALT and the Description are pretty slimier its also help google bot to understand the image  and show to the public in google image search.

11. Image Sitemap

Creating a image sitemap in your website and index it to google webmaster help to grow your image search ranking .

12. Image Cards

Image share Card by Yoast on
Image share Card by Yoast on

In the Above image you can see the Facebook and Twitter cards section here you can add Title, Description, Image for Open-graph.

Google Recommendation for Image Search SEO

  1. Add Structure Data to your Website
  2. Add Safe Search meta Tags*
  3. Content Related Images
  4. Device Friendly Images
  5. Good 2:3 ratio Image Size
  6. Image File Format Image XR, WEBP 
  7. Use images on your website from your Google image location.

Authors Recommendation

  • Use Image Title, ALT, Description, Captions are same as your Focus Keyword
  • Row image file name also same as focus keyword
  • image size: 600px X 400px
  • Colour in Image: Maximum 3
  • Words in Image: Maximum 5 words


Search Volume in percentage by
Search Volume in percentage by

In this above image you can clearly see that how google image done by around the world. in next few years there only image search and its need the SEO optimization. BE READY FOR THE FUTURE OF SEO 

TIPS :  Safe Search meta Tags

<meta name="rating" content="adult" />
<meta name="rating" content="RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA" />

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