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It is very difficult to take help from unknown neighbours for small things in a new city. But now Google ‘s ‘Neighbourly’ App is ready to help you in these five cities of the country, including Mumbai and Jaipur


Together with the new 5 cities, the total number of local information services in Angan city and the local area, which started in 7 cities, is
now going to be very easy. Tech Company Google has announced that it is launching its Nebralie app in the other 5 cities of the country. These cities include Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Wizag and Kota. Let Google know that your Neighborhood App Service first started in Mumbai as a trial. It was later extended to Jaipur. Now in these five cities of the country, people will be able to get all the local information easily in any new area, even among unknown neighbours. Users can ask their questions by typing or speaking on a Neighborly App, in return Google will provide them with the exact answers given by their neighbours in minutes.

In these cities, every small and accurate information will be available in seconds, according to Google, during the trial service of the neighbours, started in Mumbai and Jaipur, many enthusiasts were able to get local information available to many new people. During this time new settlers in the city asked for a lot of information. Among them, most of the help was sought about local shopping places, good tuition teacher, better food place etc and people also got great help from the app. According to Google, they have enough Detection Research in these two cities about the usage of the Nebberly app. Based on this, we have now decided to start the services of Nebralaya in the new 5 cities of the country.

The Google ‘Neighbourly’ app will be expanded in several other parts of the country, including Delhi and Bangalore from Wednesday. This app makes it easy to get local information from the neighbourhood, even if you do not know your neighbour. In May, Google launched this app in beta version in Mumbai and Jaipur. After this, it started working in Ahmedabad, Coimbatore and Mysore in September.

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Google to appeal in 5 cities environment

According to Google, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vizag and quotas in 5 cities full of variety and dynamic environment Google’s next billion users team was quite appealing. After this, the team has done quite a deep research in these cities. The neighbourly team took help from all the people in the city and learned from them how they could help their new neighbours as local insights. Google found a better response at the local level in these cities. The result of this is that Google has now started the Neighborhood App Service in these five cities including Mumbai and Jaipur. The benefit will be to all the people who come here and settled here, who have come here new.

Neighbourly, which is specifically designed for the Indian market, will give hyper-local information on neighbourhoods. This will be user-generated content, similar to Quora.

From information on plumber availability to tuition teachers’ availability, Neighbourly is attempting to be an information repository for what Google calls its next billion users. Google is rolling out Neighbourly nationally starting with Bangalore and Delhi. Over the next few weeks, more cities will be added every day, including Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Indore, totally spanning 467 districts in India.

Ben Fohner, Senior Product Manager, Google, Next Billion Users team said that user interest initially is positive. “Already 1.5 million downloads have happened and half a million people are on the wait-list,” he said. The app will enable a user to comment about three neighbourhoods and as it is GPS tracked, will not allow a user to comment about a place where a person is not physically located.

Google’s Neighbourly

Find skilled native answers with Neighbourly

Just raise your question, and it’s routed to a community of neighbours which will facilitate. you’ll be able to additionally speak your question into the app, rather like you were talking to a neighbour. The app uses Google’s knowledgeable speech recognition technology to transcribe your queries in eight Indian languages, thus you’ll be able to ask your neighbour an issue in a very language you’re comfy with.

Share your knowledge every day

You will find relevant queries where you can answer those or by sharing supportive info. Every answer could be useful to the neighbours, finding what they care about. By giving day to day advice you will be recognized for your insights. For every shared answer or assist, there will be more information available to the neighbourhood.

Keep up along with your local people

Swipe back and forth and notice relevant inquiries to gain native insight and obtain credible information. tap the star to follow the particular question with the info you are concerning, and acquire relevant updates back as your neighbours are also sharing their answers and support their community. You’ll be able to even share your favourite answers along with your friends on social media.

Connect safely along with your neighbours

Find, raise and answer queries without sharing all of your personal info. Keep personal details like your telephone number, full name and different contact info fully personal when exploitation the app. Your profile solely contains a small profile image and your name — the sole data your community can see or notice once you raise a question or share a solution. And your neighbours can not message you directly.

Currently, Google Play store is showing the app as an unreleased version. The ‘Neighbourly’ app works on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher. Outside Mumbai, this app only offers to sign up and share options available for now. Soon, it will roll out official version and hope this helps to make a good neighbourhood.

What is Google Neighbourly?

Neighbourly is Google next Billion User app Initiative. On Wednesday google roll out this app on google play. Its a only India based local Connection app where you can ask and get answered by your local people for your help or their help. 

What is Neighbourly App?

As Google Announced Neighbourly is a Crowd-sourcing App where you can submit you locally raised issues and get help by  local people by swiping the local question on the App. Mumbai the first city in India Who tast this app. Google take the All cities in India in very Quick time.

How to download Google Neighbourly App?

1. Go to google play 
2. Search for “Neighbourly Google app” or ” neighbourly”
3. Click on the App
4. Press the Install Button
5. Wait for the Download and for the Installing.
6. When you can See the Uninstall button, the App is Download and Install on your Phone.

How to use Neighbourly Google App?

1. first install the App from Google Play
2. After installation open the App
3. Swipe the  Starting Slider
4. Allow the GPS location for your Current location
5. Submit your Mobile Number for Verification
6. Code sent to your Mobile number and paste the code on input option
7. Now you are the Registered User of Neighbourly.


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