Offline City Building Games – Top 5 of 2020 For Androids

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Offline City Building Games: We always love to play games. Today we are talking about the 5 best city building games in android. Check this out and we are sure that you will find your best among them and if you have any suggestion let us know in comments.

1. SimCity BuildIt

If you love playing the classic SimCity on your PC then it will be a new experience for you playing SimCity BuildIt in mobile. This is available free on Google Play Store, however, it offers some in-game items to purchase, mostly ‘Simoleons’ – virtual money in the game. You will notice similarities like SimCity 2013. The best city building game starts with 25000 Simoleons and 25 SimCash. You can buy building, stores, city service building with Simoleons and SimCash can be used for special upgrades. The game offer special buildings in-season tournaments which last about 3 months roughly. Trade online, manage traffic, give what citizen needs, ship things, build an airport etc. all in one game with good quality graphics.

2. City Mania: Town Building Game

Here is another title from Gameloft with over five million downloads in play store. This city building game comes with some unique 3d cartoon characters. You can assign them to different jobs in the city. Complete missions with them and get a handful of gifts and friends also. These tiny characters will make the city more lively. You would love the fact when you get a rare item by giving a high five to Bizzies walking around the city with present icons. As in this game, rare items are extremely rare, play wisely, collect as many as possible, stack up cash to progress easily in this game. Click to download from play store.

3. Little Big City 2

Gameloft offers this creative city building tycoon game at free of cost. The game progresses through the tricky story, as the Mayor of the virtual city, the player has to take decisions to make the city grow. This game offers you to expand your city in three different style – industrial, technological or cultural perspective. Visit your friends to see their building expansion style. Build unique landmarks and make citizens happy. Click here to download.

4. Megapolis

In this strategical city building game build your own industrial metropolis from scratch. This game offers to manage economic modules, strategic planning and placements of essential buildings, chances to get special gifts when visiting neighbours. Build gardens and decorations to look your city better and improve environments for your citizens. Develop infrastructures, attract new citizen, build manageable roads, airports, railways and many more in order to grow your city into a mega town. Although you need a stable network connection in order to play the game. Download it from here.

5. TheoTown

Our list starts with this massive city-building simulation Theotown. This game available on Playstore free with in-app-purchases. Grow to a large city starting from the tiny town. Declare residential, commercial and industrial zones to start your journey. Don’t wait for building things around, it will give a different experience from other city building games. The DEV teams are always working on upgrades, so you will see new things coming in the game eventually.

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Although we mentioned only 5, there are a lot of city building games available according to your taste. Here are some of the best city simulation games if you want to give a try –

Paradise City: Island Sim Bay

Build your city in Tropic island and exotic location offering by Sparkling Society. The gameplay is mainly focused on building resort, hotels and turn into a metropolis. The user really gets a feeling of a virtual tycoon in an exotic location. In this city-building game, there are over 200 buildings and 9 exotic locations to start your city building journey. On top of this family game, this game can be played offline also. The game is free to download from play store with in-app purchase.

City Island 4

Here is another game by Sparkling Society. The ‘City Island‘ series had been popular in the Google play store since its release. In City Island 4 manage your city, keep citizens happy, expand transportation and town, complete quests and discover new islands. Over 50 million players are already there to help you in building your virtual town. Mind to check on city-budget, play strategically to keep a steady cash flow in this high graphics city building game. Dynamic weather will give you a feel of natural life. Dev teams are really good, they keep improving the games by adding new staff and improving game-paly since its launch. Play offline or online as per your need. Download now from play store.

2020: My Country

Play the futuristic city simulation game offered by Game Insight. Manage your city, face the random disasters like flood, earthquake or alien invasion. Hundreds of quest to complete and over 20 million players are there to help you with that. More than one-lakh customization available for buildings, grow your metropolis with all futuristic vehicles, building in a highly detailed interface. Download free from play store.

The Tribez: Build a Village

I used to play this city building game a lot back in the day. As the name ‘Tribez‘ suggests, the gameplay rolls up at an ancient time. Many hours of exploration in a tribal adventurous island. Start by building farms to feed your villagers and explore the caves, rivers, mountains, seas and unknown islands. Game Insight offers a great city exploring game which also works offline. Enjoy simulations on how builder build things. Collect taxes, expand your land and grow a full thriving town. Download it from Google Play store.

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