Online Reputation Management

Our ORM Services help in making a poignant online influence, establishing a brand and relationship with the customers. Our consultancy understands the importance of brand management to market the products and affect the customer’s productivity. Our team puts firm attention on customer satisfaction and building a reporting. We understand that our prospective customers look for services that have their brand reputed image to fulfil their business needs. We will help you with the right support and guidance to invest in creating an effective vision in the market. 


If you are looking for trustworthy and reliable services to make practical influences in your audience, we are here to help you accept the challenges in handling the projects for your reputation recovery. 

Online Reputation Management - THEabhikmaitra

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Our best strategies for ORM are

  1. Improve surveys and ratings: Our consultancy organizes the deep research of your reputation. Whenever we find wrong ratings and feedback, we correct them instantly. 
  2. Customer satisfaction: We take care that the goals which are set should not only meet but also exceeded. We keep an eye for detail and fulfilling the expectations for customer satisfaction is our essential goal.
  3. Pocket-friendly packages: Getting a high-quality product at affordable prices is still a dream for many consumers. You can rely on our services, which are quite cheap and economical. 
  4. Develop a positive outlook: We remove the negative comments which are toxic to your company and misleading the other customers. We make a positive reputation on social platforms.  
  5. On-time delivery: Timely delivery with unmatched services is the thing every business needs. Join hands with us, and we ensure the best services. 
  6. 24/7 support: We are always available at during every phase of your project design, development, testing and deployment. Our support team is ready for any time assistance.

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Our specialized services:

  1. Establish the reputation: Establishing an online reputation is the first step towards your business growth. We conduct online communication and display your organisation’s best outcomes to make it prominent.
  2. Recover damaged brand perception: Our consultancy will help you in retrieving the lost influence and suggesting fundamental alternatives to attract customers through various social media platforms.
  3. Reputation handling and auditing: We monitor and handle your business and brand online. To drive the customer’s opinion in your support we craft the business outlook for auditing and handling your website.
  4. Maintain a positive brand image: Managing the activities of your organisation and satisfying the customers by forwarding the best information about your services. This would facilitate your website to have a featured look.
  5. Informs about your best version: The audience needs to be aware of your newly launched products. For this, we will assist you to have direct communication with your clients to explain your product activities.
  6. Represent you online: Our consultancy will help you identify the threats that may directly hinder your progress and affect your reputation. ORM takes control of the communication. We ensure that the audience will find the right material when they find you online. 

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