SEO Interview Questions : Updated

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SEO interview Questions
SEO interview Questions

SEO interview Questions

What is the full form of SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization  .

Tell me How SEO works ?

SEO is the just a single part of Complete Digital Marketing. We Do On-page & Off-page works for good SEO result .

What is On-page SEO ?

On page SEO is the Key factor in SEO , its a process of doing all the pages run with in a SEO structure witch is help google to Crawl your pages easily.

What is Off-page SEO ?

Off page SEO also good technique to grow your rank in
Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Here we have to do Guest post Submit, Social Bookmarking, Classified ADS, PR posting , Article Posting , Directory Submission , Forum posting , Comment posting etc.
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What You Do in On-page SEO ?

1. Chose a Catchy Title within 60 Characters.
2. Chose a Main Focus Keyword.
3. Write the Focus Keyword in the Start of Title .
4. Write Meta Description With Focus key-words .
5. Meta description Should me under 320 Characters by the Google New updates.
6. insert Image with Alt tag.
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7. Use focus keyword as the first Subheading 
8. Use Focus Keyword in first Paragraph, if possible set it to the beginning.
9. Make sure paragraph’s are not so big
10. Focus Keyword Ratio is under 0.5% to 2.5% but the best ratio is 1.7%
11. Use custom slug with the focus Keyword
12. Chose focus keyword very unique
13. Slug length must be in 3 to 5 Words
14. Use H2 tags As much as Possible 
15. Add internal link in Same category posts
16. Add power full External link
17. if Possible add Some FAQ to contents in your Post
18. if Possible add some “Voice search type Questions” 
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19. Write post in 9 grade level sentence 
20. Do not input any Copy Content from other website
21. Refuse to add google Downloaded images
22. Add “source: original Source link” , if you add some copied image or text

Which Google’s product you use for SEO ?

1. Google Search
2. Google Webmaster ( Search Console )
3. Google Analytics
4. Google Business
5. Google LightHouse ( Chrome Extension )
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What you can do in Google Webmaster?

Basically we do lots of things in google Webmaster like Indexing , Fetch as Google , Robot.txt Check , Sitemap Submit etc 

How Google Business Help in SEO ?

Right now Local Business are Focusing on SEO works that’s Google Business comes in to play. So if any one Search ” Sweet Shop near Me ” Google business listing helps google to show nearest good restaurant  

What we can do in Google Analytics ?

We can track All the details from a website like Visitors , Click , time , area , gender , Bounce rate , Real time Statics etc.

Tell me about Google LightHouse ?

I don’t Know that you know about it or not , Its Brand new Google Chrome Extension Developed by Google . By using this extension you can detect all the key element of website like ” performance , quality , seo , Mobile friendly etc” .
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What we do for Domain or a Website for better performance ?

1. Add or Data Structure json code by google 
2. Test your Website Speed by Google Tools : Google Speed Test
3. Check Mobile Friendliness by google mobile friendly test
4. Add AMP on your Website 
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Tell me Some Tools Name ?

Semrush , Smallseotools , Copyscape , Moz , Mailchimp etc

What are Those Use For ?

Semrush and Smallseotools use for the some same works like finding links , Back links , ranking , DA , PA , content quality etc.
We use Copyscape to check post content is copied or not.
By moz we can check the DA & PA . For the website users or for promotions we use Mailchimp for sending mail .

What is DA and PA ?

yes DA and PA is provide by MOZ , A ranking System. DA stand for Domain Authority and PA stand for Page Authority , PA always high then DA . PA ranking describe the page status and DA describe the hole all subdomains , pages, posts etc total Status .
MAX DA and PA is 100 .

Do you Know the Difference Between Do-Follow link And No-follow links ?

Yes i know what are those.
1. Do follow link is those links which is google bot read and fetch fast . Some people says 1 do-follow link is equal to 100+ no follow links. those are also known as high quality links.
2. No follow links are not fetch by google those spam, low quality links

Difference Between ” Render ” and ” Fetch and Render” ?

1. Render : by this option google only render the page content 
2. Fetch and Render : By doing this google fetch everything on this link , like image , internal link , external link , css , js etc .

Http or HTTPS ? and why ? 

those are the 2 types of security level.  http is SSl less and the HTTPS is ssl enabled . Google refer more HTTPS site better then http site . So its impotent to make your website in https.

What are the New Google Updates ?

Google Light House , Privacy Policy changed for Law or Firm or Agents types websites , No more need of Google Meta Keywords .


Some times Interview questions are too much tricky but the answer is just easy like 1+1=2 , So please remember and practice those all thing daily basis its really help you to crack a SEO interview.

Authors Deck’s

Please if read this post then please give us your feedback . And if you think i missed some think just comment down below and update it to the post with your name and website . Share this post as much as possible its really help the fresher new SEO workers. Its 100% genuine questions and those questions are faced by me in Interviews . Always prepare for the updates like ” Voice Search SEO ” , ” AMP for SEO ” ,and know the best Guest Posting Sites and etc , read those post and increase your knowledge in seo …

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