Start Animating: Things you need to consider before.

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Start Animating: Have you ever tried your hand on animation? Starting from the scratch and giving it the best shot might not be the only thing that you need to consider while animation but going into the depth is. The animation itself is said to be the art of making the objects to be moving in order to make the details and depth to be added in it and thus the process of this must be planned to make the best results to be extracted. Here in this blog,we have listed a few things that should be considered before you start animating.

1. Know your story

The story is one of the important parts of animation by any means. If you are making it for an advertisement or even for an explainer video you must know what are you going to have from it and what is the best thing to get from the same. To set the direction and other things of an animation you first need to know about the story and then you must proceed with the next things about animation.

2. Know your character

Once you have the idea about the story now it is time to make the character to be built in the mind. Characters are the actual depiction of the animation and thus you should know the character before you start animating. Get to the sketch of the characters and make it be sketched a couple of times and not just once. Do it until you find perfection in the sketch and the color of that character and everything related to it.

3. Plan the scenes

 You know the best thing about animation is that it is planned in the scenes and it is made to be plotted scene by scene which could be the best and the worst at the same time. Thus, to get it right you must plan all the scenes that could be required in your animation. This could only be possible once you have got the hang of the story and character on which your animation is dependent. The scenes might have all the elements of the animation to be stated in detail and depth like what music will be selected, what will be the background and what will be required after each shot. The planning of this will make the details and depth to be added in your animation which could then benefit you while you are animating it.

4. Map your timing

Timing is the key in animation because everything does not move at the same time and everything could not be projected for the same number of seconds. Variation is required according to the requirements and thus mapping the time will again make the animation to be done with perfection in lesser attempts.

5. Create a workflow and project plan

Till now you would have an idea about everything related to the animation that you are making and thus now it is time to plan things out in sense of having a workflow to know what to be done first and what to be done last. This makes the process to have the smoothness and making the process to be easily conducted. This will make the mishaps and confusions to be minimized off the processes.

6. Know what software or tools to be used

In the old times the animation was done manual but then after the induction of technology in the field the software and tools were use din order to make the effectiveness to be improved and timing of the animation to be reduced. But all the animation could not be done through a single software and thus you must know that what software or tool should be used with the kind of animation that you are making. This will help you to make the animation to be done with effectiveness and having better results at animation.

This is what is done in a 3d animation video studio and this isthe reason why their work is said to be professional if you want your work tohave the same effectivity then you alsomust consider these points to get the same.

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