Top 5 best tower defense games Android

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Simulation games are getting popular in the Google play store. Today we will talk about another hot category. Try our list of Best tower defense games for Android. As the name Tower Defense (TD) justifies that a player has to keep its territory safe from being an attack. This means the player has to build a various defensive building to protect base and attack or destroy the enemies. In modern games, these tower defence games seem to change strategy by evolving a turn base play-style. Strategical placement of buildings is key to win these type of games.

5. Defenders 2

Defenders 2 is one of best tower defense game available in Android and card-collecting hybrid. You unlock numerous towers and such by grouping cards. the items you unlock are usable within the game. The freemium facet ought to be fairly apparent. However, this game will pump out a number of dozen smart hours of play before it starts bothering you for cash. The game offers 29 bosses with unique abilities, 20 magic spells that could be lethal and even PvP. there’s additionally a range of challenges that create the game that a lot of tougher. Download Now.

4. Bloons TD

The Bloons TD series is one among the foremost fashionable and prospering tower defense franchises on mobile. As we are trying to exclude paid version games, Free version of Bloons TD is available on Google Play Store. But we recommend to you to give a try its most recent release Bloons TD 6 or the Bloons TD 5.

Launched in 2018, Bloons TD 6 offers superb visual effects, twenty new maps with 3D view, two new monkeys has been added with 19 insane monkey towers. It’s nice to examine firms still taking the genre seriously even years once it hit its second renaissance. With offers from Google play store, this game is a solid tower defense games on Android at affordable costs. Download It.

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3. Defense Zone 3

The third position is our list occupies Defense Zone 3 which is the latest of a well-liked series of tower defense games. The game’s previous series was popular also, as the time forward the game developed new mechanics, weapons, landscapes without changing the meaning of tower defense (TD). The game dev team frequently adding new features and improve the gameplay experiences. The new version offers four difficulty level, eight new kinds of turrets, new abilities like an air strike, even a nuclear bomb. The game got 4.7 stars rating in Google Play Store. Try this today. Click Here to Dwonload.

2. Plants vs Zombies 2

The Plants vs Zombies game series is one the most casual gamer-friendly tower defense games available on Android. Classic tower defence experience with powerful plants you’ll be ready to defeat the zombies. Player has to defend against waves of enemies by planting various weaponised and cool abilities plants in your yard to hinder their path. It’s long been one in all the foremost in style tower defence games. In addition, the gameplay is fun and it’s nice for casual gamers. The games sounds and graphics are the addition to gameplay. Be aware of zombies or they will eat your brain. The developers keep adding new content in this tower defence game for people who are on the list of the leaderboard. Download

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1. Kingdom Rush

The Kingdom Rush series is one in all the foremost prolific and extremely rated tower defense games on the list. initially launching on Android in 2011, It adheres strictly to the classic tower defence mechanics that has garnered it a little little bit of vitriol from a lot of serious gamers, however, most of the people still extremely get pleasure from these titles. There are 3 total, as well as Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush Origins. all of them have similar mechanics with tiny upgrades throughout the series thus you can’t get it wrong either means. the primary Kingdom Rush game is free with no in-app purchases that make it an excellent jumping in purpose. Although paid versions are available on Google Play Store. Download Now

This list is totally our interest and game-play experience basis. Here is some other recommendation which is absolutely awesome to give a try – Toy Defense FantasyRealm Defense: Hero Legends TDToy Defense 2: TD Battles Game

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