Top 5 PC games 2018, you must try

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In today’s list, we are not focusing on one type of PC games. We tried to put top games based on their recent rating and player reviews, as with our opinion. Check this top 5 pc games and we assure you will enjoy your time.

5.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Stream games are always ahead in terms of PvP or Co-op games. That’s why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by Tencent games hits our today’s top 5 list. Some gamers would like its known rival ‘Fortnite’ more than PUBG. But as Tencent released PUBG Mobile on android and ios this has been a huge success against Fornite as its only released in ios and android version is still in beta. Dev teams are continuously updating with new maps, weapons, and gameplay improvements. If you like to fight in a massive PvP battle, then go for it.

PUBG New Map Trailer


Here I am mentioning this pc game from 2015(released for PS3 in 2013), there would be some criticizing about listing it in top games in 2018, but Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best open world exploration game available for PC till now. There, some major improvements over GTA 4. Three main characters with their own storyline and compiling each other through the gameplay is the most awesome fact available in the game. Gameplay offers a variety of cars, different weapons, own style to finish missions. Play it and do whatever you want in this modern scenario.

GTA V Trailer


11 bit studios is back with a brand new title after ‘This War of Mine’.  Frostpunk, a survival, city-builder and society management game stands at the end of civilization. This game stands out of the crowded city building and survival games. The scenario starts at the 1800s, a group of explorer fled from London looking for massive coal reserves in the north, as the world collapsed by freezing. The player has to manage the workforce, gather coal for running ‘The Generator’, set rules to maintain hopes for the people, rescue other survivors and many more. This game reminds me of ‘Banished’. Frostpunk available on stream and Amazon at $30. Must try this one of the best pc games, if you love survival with a continues to twist.

Frostpunk Trailer

2.Far Cry 5


If you are a fan of Far Cry series than definitely, this new fifth installment will thrill you with more adventures action with cults in Hope County, a fictional region of Montana. The main story revolves around the cults of Eden’s Gate. Before encountering with the main villain Joseph Seed ‘The Father’, you have to deal with three lieutenants of Eden’s Gate at three large regions. Far cry 5 follows more of a free open world gaming experience as the first induction ends the whole Montana in open for exploration, hunting, and liberating. An extra feature is that you can add a specialist to Guns for Hire, that will unlock as progressing through the game. New arcade and Co-op options are available as an addition. This game was a commercial success as the first week of sale grossing over $310 million – a must try first person shooter game.

Far Cry 5 Official Story Trailer

1.Assassin’s Creed Origins

Here is another action-adventure stealth title from Ubisoft; Assassin’s Creed Origins was released on October 27, 2017. With vast open world gaming experience, this tenth installment of Assassin’s Creed series was placed in ancient Egypt near 49–47 BC. This game offers you to play by a third person view perspective to freely roam the world by foot, riding horses, camel-back or taking boats. This game actually surprised players by its large gameplay options. As reported from IGN, the main campaign took about 30 hours to finish with just half of the map exploration. The story follows Bayek from Siwa Oasis, with a compassionate, raging, bold events of gaining love, loss, and pain. Multiple combat options are available during the fight with Templars. You find yourself melting with the storyline. If you haven’t tried this game yet, then start now.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Game-play Trailer

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