Benefits of VPS hosting: Read to Know

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Benefits of VPS hosting: From last few years, VPS has become the first choice for small and medium-sized businesses. The VPS hosting is the amalgamation of shared and Dedicated hosting. It provides plenty of features at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, it is best for small business websites that want to switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting. Here in this article, we will look at the benefits of VPS hosting and the reasons for considering it.

What is VPS Hosting?

A VPS is a virtual private server that has been designed using virtualisation software. It is like buying a row house that gives you complete responsibility. In the same way, you get a separate server from the web hosting provider along with the resources like CPU, RAM, Memory and Bandwidth.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of VPS Hosting for SMB’s

1. Boost Reliability

Your website reliability gets boosted due to independence VPS server that allows using complete resources. In comparison to shared hosting, VPS is more reliable and flexible to use. On shared hosting, traffic and activities performed by others can affect your website performance. Whereas in VPS, it is completely opposite that helps to boost website reliability.

2. Dedicated Resources

Unlike dedicated hosting, all the resources of your VPS and dedicated hosting is completely allocated to you. In terms of resources, VPS offers maximum resources in comparison to shared hosting.

3. Improve Performances

With more resources that are completely allocated to you for fulling, the business requirement will definitely lead to better performance. If your server processing power and capacity is improved then your website will load quickly on users browsers. This will improve your user engagement, increase conversion rates and boost your search engine ranking.

Furthermore, if you run any processes or system on your server then it will perform well with less impact on other operations taking place. For example, back up of files.

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4. Software Freedom

VPS hosting allows using all types of operating systems and software. It’s your choice which operating system and applications you want to install on your VPS server.

5. Root Access

Selecting a VPS hosting will gives you complete access of the server. You can install any operating system, software or configure the server as the per your wish. You can perform these activities from the control panel.

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6. Fully Managed Service

You must be in perception that VPS allows managing your own server. But what if you are new to VPS hosting then you will be pleased to know that majority of web hosting companies are offering managed VPS service. In managed VPS hosting, you get everything that is managed by web hosting providers. A best web hosting provider will manage everything right from installations to update process.

7. Dedicated VPS Technical Support

As I said before, most of the web hosting providers offer managed VPS service including the 247365 days support service. This lower down your worries about solving the issues related to your server. As you will get 247365 days to support service from the web hosting provider like MilesWeb via chat, email and phone.

8. Server Locations and Monitoring

Security is the foremost factor that every buyer and seller is concerned about. Due to increase in the security against cyber attacks, its good to select VPS hosting providers that actively monitor your server and related hardware for any threats. Along with this, you also get multiple server locations that help to expand your business in that respected locations.

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What Features You Should Look In Your VPS Hosting Provider?

Below mentioned are the features that vary provider to provider. These are the main features that should look before buying the plan.

  • Server locations
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Solid – state Drives
  • VPS Management (Free or Paid Varies provider to provider)
  • SSH and Root Access
  • Resources monitoring dashboard
  • VPS Migration (Free or Paid Varies provider to provider)
  • Host multiple websites
  • Instant provisioning
  • No setup fee
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Instant upgrade

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Working of VPS Hosting

In VPS Hosting, every website is hosted on a virtual private server powered by superior hardware. The virtual machines are split into various virtual sections and server software is developed individually for each user. This will make working individually.

No matter, how many websites are hosted on same VPS node, your website is hosted on the given virtual section with allocated server resources like CPU, RAM, disk space and more. This won’t affect the performance of your website because of complete root access.


VPS hosting offers the best way to upgrade from shared hosting along with plenty of features. like dedicated hosting. It’s time to upgrade your shared hosting and accelerate your business with VPS hosting.

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