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What is Startup Marketing? Marketing for Startups

Startup Marketing
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What is Startup Marketing?

What is Startup Marketing: Startup marketing is quite challenging because of the limited resources,that can be time,money or talent. Each and every effort must be well planned and well executed. A Startup Marketing can only be successful if one has a great product and great marketing. 

So, it becomes extremely important to choose a market. While selecting one has to understand the reality that only a small portion of the population will be interested in the concerned product. One must identify a niche target market.First, one must determine the market Size that means how many potential customers are in the target market. Secondly, identify whether this market has the money to spend on the given product. Thirdly, gain knowledge on competitors. 

After making decisions on the market it is time to choose a keyword. Now what exactly is a keyword? One must use the keyword list primarily for blogging, social media and main marketing site. It is essential to remember that the keyword must match with the brand one chooses to advertise. Please ensure you choose the right keywords for example,What would someone type into Google to find your startup’s website? 

The next step is Success which is different for every startup. Don’t compare your startup’s success with others’ success. The team one is working with must know the meaning of success your organization holds and must work diligently to achieve it. Success doesn’t always mean revenue,profit or sign-ups. It must be tied to real growth (no vanity successes) and that it’s measured the same way each month. 

Setting Core Metrics is another crucial step. It might seem that vanity metrics are attractive but they are useless because they don’t lead to real growth. Please ensure that the core metrics are accurately measurable and specific. 

Now it is necessary to estimate a conversion rate. Correctly estimate your lead conversion rate. Now do the same to estimate the lifetime value of a customer. 

Last but not the least is setting the budget. Think carefully how much you can spend on your startup marketing or on your brand. The most significant job is to divide your budget accordingly. If 

you feel that blogging needs more investment to make you achieve your goal then go for it. 

Social Media 

Nowadays, social media has become a platform to advertise new products. Through social media anyone can easily approach potential consumers and can gain knowledge on their needs. However, choosing the appropriate social media is quite important. 

It is important to understand for start-ups that every social media works differently. Every social media platform for example Facebook, Instagram,Twitter can promote your content effectively but you must understand that all the social media platforms have unique features. People using Facebook often find visual posts like pictures and video engaging while people using Twitter are often attracted by links. That is to say each social media works differently and the community interprets the content in some other way. So one must take into account the community they are trying to reach and the network they will use for advertising their product. 

Now you must use the keyword list which you have made earlier. Please note that if you use social media to advertise your product then your keyword list must maximize your engagement efforts. However it might take time to develop a powerful relationship with thousands of people. So you should engage yourself in creating an influential relationship with those who are already influenced by your marketing techniques and product. You can also build an influencer list with a bit of market research. For that you have to find who are the owners of the popular blogs. 

It is very easy to set a blog. It’s only a matter of downloading the software and uploading your server. After creating a blog you can choose a professional designer so that it is appealing to the customers. 

Startup PR

Always remember to identify what the product is and how it will affect others. Don’t think it as selling but think it as solving a worldwide problem. You have to understand how your product is going to affect others and your targeted consumers. 

Clearly identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. In that way you can understand how to market your product more effectively. Be creative in your method by using spreadsheet and visual imagery. You have to gather all the information available on the product and its competitors and examine it. Their weakness can be your strengths. 

Creating a Press kit is very important. A media advisory should include some significant points, such as information about the product,company and success. It should also note how the product is going to change the world and why it is important to consumers to buy it. 

Content Creation After making the blog and building a strong PR it is time to make a good content creation. After creating the blog you have to think about what you will write in it. The easiest way to start is making a topic list. This topic list will be based on your core keywords for SEO purposes. Guest blogging is very crucial for startups. Guest posting on a popular blog will eventually help to build your reputation in the market. Most blogs might accept guest posts openly so always try to look for a writer’s page like THEabhikmaitra also take Guest posting. Also we you can try our Paid Marketing Service.

By now your startup marketing is in full motion. There might be some mistake one has made in the beginning but there is always room for improvement and that’s where testing and iteration comes into play. 

You have to understand that iterating and optimizing what you have been doing is not just enough. The most successful startups are always trying to create new things so never stop creating new things that will and might attract consumer’s attention.

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