Whatsapp Business: How to use This App?

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Whatsapp Business: We all know about WhatsApp. But do you know what is WhatsApp Business App? What are the benefits? Many rumours and speculations have come up in the wake of WhatsApp Business. But perhaps there was not so much truth in anyone because these reports were not officially published. But last month WhatsApp, which is a Facebook ownership company, has officially told about it. Still, the complete information about it is not available yet. But it has come to the notice that these main goals have been made by keeping Enterprise in the eye.

Users can now download this App of Whatsapp. This new app is named Whatsapp Business. The purpose of this app is to make communication easy to your customers for Enterprises (Business). The logo of the app has also been modified. Within the logo of the logo will now show the sign of B. Today I will provide some information about WhatsApp Business, you may not have known before. Then, without delay, let’s start and know what this Whatsapp Business APK is and how it can come in our way.

What is Whatsapp business?

WhatsApp Business is a completely new feature which has been launched by the company but it not available globally yet. However, you can try the app being a beta tester. As its name suggests, it is mainly designed keeping business in mind. It is designed to connect with another client with the help of Whatsapp’s user base. Now businesses can join this platform by signing up and using its service can provide new updates to their customers like timings, confirmations and other information.

According to the latest report, WhatsApp will try to keep its consumer-centric messaging app separate from this new incoming business-related service. That’s why the company is thinking of launching this App on a completely different App and which has decided to name as “WhatsApp Business“. It has also come to the notice that the company has planned to launch one or two different services. One of these will be for small businesses, the second will be for large enterprises. It has been heard that Small Business accounts will be free, but in large enterprises, you may have to pay money for service.

Key differences between regular Whatsapp and this app

Whatsapp Business logo
Whatsapp Business logo

Before you talk about the features of both apps, you want to tell people in one thing that these two apps will look almost identical. Their user interface is very similar to those which have got to see the main difference in the design of its logo. Where a white ‘B’ in the WhatsApp Business logo will be seen, it will be replaced by the telephone receiver between the Green Conversation bubble.

There will be some features in WhatsApp Business that can not be in regular WhatsApp, such as the creation of Business Profile, where we have to fill some things like ‘Business Description’ ‘Website’ Address’ to users.
Chat Migration” is one of the special features. It shows that you can transfer your chats from one device to another, even one account to another. The company has also included many scenarios where it rumours that you can use this app in a single device or in multiple devices at one time. Users can use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business in the same device but using different numbers.

Here users can access WhatsApp Business Accounts by using their Landline numbers, this feature is not available for a regular Whatapp users. People will be able to keep their personal and professional accounts separate, which was a big problem earlier. This can give equal importance to both of them.

Other features like Auto Responses and Analytics In the past, users can prepare and keep some custom messages that are automatically sent to the clients when the user will not be available. In the other, the user can see the details of his account such as the number of messages sent, received, delivered and read, which will help him to see both his contents and clients’ responses in a good way.

How To Sign Up On it?

  • First, Download WhatsApp Business from Google Play Store.
  • Verify your business phone number, the one you wish to use to talk to customers. (For landline there will be a payment)
  • You can restore your chat history.
  • Set up a business name.
  • Complete your profile by tapping the Menu Button > Settings > Business settings > Profile.

Will this be something different for regular users?

You can see all those messages which are fully encrypted by the end of a general WhatsApp user but you will also see a pop-up that contains information about the verification status of your Business Account. With this, you can see all the information about the business owner such as their location, business category, image, e-mail ID, website etc.

What is the Offer to Do Businesses and Customers?

As many of us know that the WhatsApp Business App is still in rumours and speculations, it will soon be launched officially in the market by the company. It is a matter of thinking here whether it will be liked as much as its messaging app has been done. Or it will remain only business oriented. Do you think that WhatsApp will be able to repeat your old success in your new Business App? Please tell your answers by writing us on the comment box so that we can know about your prediction.

I sincerely hope that I gave you complete information about what people are talking about WhatsApp Business App and I hope you guys have understood about WhatsApp Business. Share this information with your neighbours, relatives and your friends so that we will be aware of our interactions and will all benefit from it.

My always try is to do that I always help my readers or readers on every side, if you have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me uncomfortable. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. Let us know how this article is about what this is, so let us know how to learn something from your thoughts and improve it.

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